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Perform in L.A. during B.E.T. Awards


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Perform  Los, Angeles during B.E.T. Awards. This Event will be held Downtown Los Angeles within the same area of the L.A. Convention Center, on Thursday June 20th, starting at 2pm. You will be surrounded around Industry Professionals at all times! There will also be Major Music Industry Representatives from Major/Independent Labels there as well! The Winner will receive a Ticket to the B.E.T. Awards & an agreement to be Represented by those who get Major Deals for other Rappers! Good Luck! Thanks!


Producer Produce Beats and Simple Music Cues For Today's Top TV Shows (LA)

Earn $1,000's per year, even quarterly or monthly, by professionally licensing your tracks to TV and Movies. 

You keep ALL ownership and you are paid forever!

If you are able to produce instrumental cues in multiple genres including hip hop, pop, R&B, Chill, Trap, Soul, New Wave and many more and you can listen to reference tracks and use them as guides to produce new cues, then this is for you!

If you would like to be considered for this awesome opportunity respond to this ad and we will send you a link to audition.